eSolutions (Business Activity Monitor)

What are eSolutions?

eSolutions enable real-time, browser-based access to critical business information and
statistics. A Business Activity Monitor (BAM) component is often incorporated as part of
the eSolution to track, measure and monitor any gaps between current performance and
business goals.

Why EMR Technologies, Inc for my eSolution?

As a full-service IT consulting firm, EMR Technologies, Inc has the experience and project
management expertise to deliver your eSolution on-time and on-budget.

What is Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)?

BAM is a software solution that provides the “current state” of your mission critical business operations. BAM leverages real-time data and information to anticipate problems and opportunities while empowering better decision making. EMR BAM solutions generally incorporate the following components:

  • Key performance indicator reporting and monitoring
  • Graphic notification of potential problems and opportunities
  • Information and data customized for customer’s business operations.

What are the Benefits of BAM?

BAM empowers senior management with the ability to anticipate potential operational “bottlenecks” and opportunities. Real time data makes for better business decisions.

What is a Typical EMR Technologies BAM Engagement?

EMR Technologies, LLC leverages its experience to determine where increased visibility and insight into operational data will have the greatest impact. Once this area is identified the following processes are then followed.

Monitor Then Model

Business processes are monitored to identify potential areas of greater efficiency and performance improvement. Modeling can then occur to pilot the solution in a non production environment.

Establish Visibility, Control and Execution Targets

A BAM dashboard is created to provide a visual representation of key factors, measures and targets.

Optimize, Refine and Improve

Alerts and notifications are implemented to immediately identify problems and opportunities.

Immediate action can then be taken.