IT Outsourcing & Consulting Services

You want to keep your competitive edge and deliver products and services that satisfy your customers’ needs.

EMR Technologies, Inc. is a proven technology ally working behind the scenes to help businesses streamline and simplify their IT environmentsand business processes. That’s why we are the business ally of choice behind so many successful companies.

Custom Development Services
  • Custom Development Services provides proven application development for your line of business or operational requirements.
Applications Management Services
  • Applications Management Services provide flexible application support. EMR Technologies, Inc. can assist and manage software and product upgrades and rollouts.
Business Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence Services turns raw data into useful information. Your business may benefit from a well-designed business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing solution. EMR Technologies, Inc. has extensive experience designing Business Activity Monitor (BAM) consoles and management level dashboards.
Product Support Services
  • Product Support Services allow your organization to outsource software maintenance agreements to technicians who are familiar with your unique needs and existing applications.
Data/Document Conversion Services
  • Data and Document Conversion services provide seamless and efficient conversion of paper to images (scanning) and migration of documents and images from legacy document management solutions to new platforms.
Mobile Applications Services
  • Mobile applications improve employee effectiveness and revenue through wireless technology and integration with your existing platforms and processes.