Case Studies

Rancho Cucamonga, California

What used to take days or sometimes weeks is now accomplished almost instantly!
Now our staff processes more orders and credits with greater accuracy and we respond to Customer inquiries quickly.

Hyung Woo Kim, CFO
Kumho Tires

Speeding to Customer Service Excellence!
Kumho Tire, USA partners with EMR Technologies, Inc. to automate Order and Credit workflow process.
Client Situation

Over the past 40 years, KUMHO TIRES has grown into one of the world’s top tire brands. As one of the world’s fastest growing, multi-national tire manufacturers, Kumho Tires needed a powerful, yet flexible, document management and workflow solution that would enable them to sustain their growth and maintain their commitment to supreme quality and customer satisfaction. Kumho Tires realized that order entry and credit approval were two very labor-intensive processes that had great potential for improvement. An internal audit revealed the mounting inefficiencies caused by these paper-based processes and the increasing lag-time in responding to customer inquiries. Orders, invoices, credit memos, inventory and shipping documents were difficult to access because they were stored in file cabinets and taking up precious space. “We were doing everything using paper. Orders, acknowledgements, and other supporting documents were all generated as hard copy, which had to be collated and filed together properly. The process was expensive and time consuming.” The effect was weighing heavily on Kumho’s ability to maintain the highest level of customer service to match the quality of their products. With a focus on innovation and technology in producing tires of the highest quality, naturally Kumho looked toward technology to improve the business processes. For the solution, Kumho turned to their trusted technology partner, EMR Technologies, Inc. Kumho and EMR partnered to implement a comprehensive imaging and workflow solution which transformed manually, paper based processes into the following electronic workflow:


Liberty IMS Solution
• All inbound orders are received electronically via fax server technology
• These orders are then routed electronically to the Order Entry Team
for processing and data entry into Kumho’s SAP ERP solution.
• SAP generates all internal, related supporting Order documents (ex. original quotation) to
facilitate the fulfillment, shipping and billing processes.
• All information is linked electronically for digital signature and available for web-based, customer service access.


“In the past, our customers and employees were affected by the length of time that it was taking us to provide shipment notifications and credit adjustments. EMR Technologies, Inc. allowed us to improve Order Entry accuracy and response times.”
Client Benefit Since implementing the EMR Technologies solution, Kumho Tires has improved their overall customer satisfaction as well as their market share.

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