Managed Print Services

How the EMR Technologies process works

The EMR process begins with remote monitoring and management reports which are used to develop a customized program for your organization.

This program does not bind our customers to costly page overage fees or lengthy 60 month leases but focuses on deliverables that can be measured, evoled and modified over time as business needs change.

The result is a cost saving, user friendly program that will produce long term cost savings and also provide your users with the best in customer service and support. Here how it works:

  • All printers are identified and managed by one provider.
  • Supplies management chores simply disappear.
  • Help-desk calls are significantly reduced.
  • Printer downtime is minimized.
  • Cost-savings opportunities are realized, using existing and new devices.
  • Employees are less involved in printer support.
  • Exact costs of office printing are known
  • Deploying a Managed Print Solution saves a business 10-30% on printer-related costs.