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Ontario, California
We now have real time visibility to every facet of our parts return workflow process. Mobis, USA and our customer have benefitted from our technology partnership with EMR Technologies, Inc. Phase I of this project provided some tangible productivity, cost savings and customer service benefits. Our next phase of this project will involve providing our customers with “self service” access to their own parts return and order information
Mobis Senior Management

Parts Repair Status? No Problem.
Mobis, USA partners with EMR Technologies, Inc. to implement bar code solution for parts return processing


Client Situation
In late 1999 Mobis become the exclusive, after-sales service parts supplier for both Hyundai and Kia motors. Shortly thereafter Mobis became the biggest automotive parts company in the world with responsibilities for after-sales service parts distribution, auto parts export and module manufacturing.

MOBIS is now prepared to take on the future and is set to take the next jump to reach the goal of becoming a ‘Global Top 5.

From its inception Mobis has focused on providing the best replacement part processing in the industry. While servicing its growing automotive dealership network it became apparent that visibility to spare parts replacement status at all phases of the process was a crucial missing component.

Mobis chose EMR Technologies, Inc. as its strategic partner to implement a barcode part tracking and Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) reporting application. This solution consists of the following components:
EMR Solution
• Replacement part return process is now accessible online to Mobis’s dealer network
• This customer-facing, web based form is now used to authorize and expedite the return of defective or damaged car audio parts.
• Barcoded shipping labels are created at the customer site and parts are sent to Mobis Ontario.
• Barcode is scanned in Ontario at each step in the replacement workflow process to provide status and visibility at each and every step in the process.
• A Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) dashboard is available to Mobis management so that at any time of the day or week part return data is available.
• BAM dashboard is leveraged to measure, monitor and adjust manpower and productivity goals.

Since implementing the EMR Technologies, Inc. solution Mobis is now able to manage it customer service, operations, profitability and manpower more effectively.

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