EMR Technologies, LLC has partnered with companies whose are focused on the global, multi-national enterprise. The following solution providers share our commitment to world-class document, workflow and process improvement solutions:

HP is recognized as a global industry leader whose product portfolio spans everything from infrastructure to personal computing to mobile devices and imaging and printing hardware. IT services and workflow solutions from EMR Technologies, LLC are the perfect complement to the HP portfolio and optimizing document, graphics, photograph and large format processes.

MaxxVault LLC provides software solutions for the management, distribution and control of corporate documents. The MaxxVault repository helps both small and large businesses save money, improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and meet regulatory compliance. Built using the latest technology MaxxVault is designed to be POWERFUL, SCALABLE , and FLEXIBLE enough to address the requirements of the adaptive enterprise. has a worldwide reputation as the leading Enterprise DRM solution. These solutions when delivered by EMR Technologies, LLC liberate the enterprise from the risks and constraints of digital, electronic business